A FourFour Two interview with Simon Williams

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With a passion for journalism and a deep love for sport, they are constantly exploring and sharing their passion for the sport of cycling.

Simon Williams is a writer and a journalist based in Brisbane, Queensland.

His work has appeared in The Age, The Age.com.au, The Courier Mail, The Drum, The Canberra Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sunday Age, the Age.net, The West Australian, and The Daily Mail.

He is also the author of Cycling Australia: The Story of Australia’s Cycling Industry.

His work has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning Australia, The ABC News Breakfast, The Today Show, ABC TV, ABC Radio and many more.

Simon is a founding member of FourFourEight, a non-profit organisation that provides independent journalism to communities across Australia through grassroots journalism.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Griffith University and a Bachelor in Communication from University of Melbourne.