Hoover building materials donated to Carson city

A building materials warehouse at the Hoover Center in Carson, California, has been donated to the city of Carson, which plans to use the materials to build its own high-speed rail system.

Carson’s City Council unanimously approved a $2.5 million donation to the Hoover building company from the city’s Housing Authority, which has been helping to build the high-Speed Rail Authority (HSRA) project.

Hoover’s building materials are being donated to an HSRA program, according to the Carson City Council.

The donation is a part of the city-run housing authority’s “Billion Dollar Neighborhood Initiative,” which is intended to build and support affordable housing.

Housing Authority Director John DeWitt told CNN he is pleased with the donation.

“The Hoover Building Company is the cornerstone of Carson City’s housing program and we are proud to have their services to Carson,” DeWit said.

“This is a tremendous contribution that will support Carson’s Housing Initiative and our efforts to meet the needs of Carson’s residents.”

Carson Mayor Ben Carson announced the project on Thursday.

The city said the donation will support building on the Hoover Building’s current property, which will include a 10,000-square-foot, seven-story residential building, a 10-story office building, four commercial buildings, a gymnasium, and a park and ride.

The company said it has been working with Carson City to develop plans for a future HSRA project.

In 2018, the city spent $40 million on the project, and Carson City was awarded a $20 million grant.

Citing a lack of funding for the project as one of the reasons Carson decided to put Carson City on the list, DeWittle said Carson City is “very excited” about the potential of HSRA.

“I’m proud to support Carson City and we’re confident Carson City will be able to help build our community in the future,” Dewitt said.