House of Building Materials auction hits $1.4 million mark –

On Tuesday night, the House of building materials auction hit $1 million in auction terms.

The house of building material auction was originally set to run until August 6 but a delay of two months has seen the final tally hit $2.7 million.

The auction was launched by the Australian Building Industry Association (ABCI) last week to benefit the industry by raising funds to support the building industry.

The ABCI said the final figure would support about 5,000 Australian building workers, and help the ABCI “continue to grow our network and the supply of materials to Australian builders”.ABCI president, Ian Wilson, said the auction would provide “a platform to support a vital industry”.

“We are delighted that this important industry is getting a boost in funding and the opportunity to build a strong foundation for the future,” he said.ABCI chief executive, Nick Boulton, said he was proud to support “the Australian building industry”.

He said the ABCIs aim was to promote “a culture of building that is in line with the Australian building ethos and to promote a sense of pride in the building process”.

“This will be a huge opportunity for our members to show their skills in a safe and secure environment,” he told the ABC.ABCi’s chairman, Craig Taylor, said it was a great night for the ABC in terms of raising funds for the industry.

“We’ve got a very important sector in Australia and we’ve got an opportunity to support it,” he added.