How the Menards building material swap has transformed the city

Menards is looking to the future with the opening of a new office and factory.

The project will be located in Menards Building Materials Exchange (BFME) in the city’s north end.

Bertram Whelan, president of Menards, said the building materials exchange was a big part of the new business.

“BFME is a great partner and we’re very excited about its future, said Whelen.

It was a very difficult decision to leave the old building, but we have a great opportunity to create a new company that will create new jobs in Menard and create jobs for the city.”

The office and building materials swap is a partnership between Menards and the city of Menard.

Whelan said the new facility is set to create about 10 permanent jobs in the facility and will help support the local economy.

Aerial view of Menands building materials and manufacturing facility.

Aerial image of Menings building materials production facility.

“The building materials exchanged facility will create some 10 permanent positions for Menards,” said W Helen.

“It’s a very important piece of our city, a key piece of the Menard economy, and it’s also a catalyst for a new investment in our city.”

Construction of the facility began in late September.

Work has started on the first phase of the building, which includes a factory, warehouse, and office space.

Building materials are the raw materials used in building construction, but they can be expensive and the process can take years.

The building material exchange is a collaboration between Menard, the City of Menand, and the Menands Industrial Development Corp (MIDC).

MIDCs mission is to create jobs and boost local economies through construction and development projects in the Menand and North-West regions of NSW.

This new facility will help to support the growth of the business and help improve the health and welfare of Menndies residents.

A company logo is seen in Menands Building Materials Production Facility, Sydney, November 17, 2019.