How to build a beautiful, elegant, modern, elegant apartment

Architect and designer Chris Glynn wants to make sure that your new, modern and elegant apartment building looks great.

“I think the biggest thing is just to make it look good,” he said.

“If you have a great design you’ll be able to get more people to buy in, and if you don’t, it’ll be a loss.”

Mr Glynn said he wanted to build the most beautiful apartment building in Melbourne, and that the city needed to embrace modern architecture.

“Modern buildings don’t just sit in their boxy boxy rooms and think about what they look like, they also have to think about how they’re going to be used and how they work,” he explained.

“And that’s why I think building a building that looks like a modern building is really important.”

To achieve this, Mr Glynns design team made use of a variety of materials including wood, concrete and metal.

They also employed a variety, from wood-framed brick to stainless steel and even aluminium.

The result?

The apartment building is a blend of traditional Victorian styles, with modern touches, including modern materials.

Mr Gynn said his team wanted to show that it’s possible to build modern apartments.

“You can get all these beautiful things built into an apartment building, but it’s not just about a beautiful building,” he told

“A lot of it’s about making sure that you’ve got the best materials and the best architecture to build that, and it’s also about making it look as good as it possibly can.”

Mr Bekins design work on the new building, which has been completed, can be seen here.

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