How to build a house of glass with 3D printing

The UK has set the bar for the cost of building a house that can be made with 3-D printing.

With a budget of £8,000, this house is being made by a group of local DIYers.

The house will house one bedroom, and is the first in the UK to use 3-d printing to make it possible.

As the owner of the project, the owner, Sarah, said the idea was to use a traditional building material that would not be easily recyclable.

She explained: I want to make a house from scratch that I can use and share, and I want to build something with all of my neighbours’ hands on the table, as well as using my own experience to build it.

Sarah told the BBC the house will be made from a local material called Tungsten, which is used in the manufacture of many other materials.

The house is currently being assembled in an old warehouse that is being refurbished to house the construction.

Sarah said the house would be completely modular, and can be assembled and dismantled to suit a range of needs, including a kitchen, dining room, living room and even a garage.

Sarah, who was originally from Bristol, moved to Brighton in 2016 after having lived in London for the last four years.

In a bid to make this project more accessible to the wider community, Sarah will be building the house from the ground up with the help of the community.

After building the first house in Bristol in January 2017, Sarah said the building process was different to other houses.

We started with a 3D model and then used a moulding company to make everything out of foam and PVC to try and make it more durable and easier to work with.

Once the building was complete, Sarah built the second house using the same model, this time with a foam-fibre composite structure.

Sarah’s work has already taken her to the Guinness Book of Records for building a home using 3D printed materials, and she said she wanted to see more of these kinds of projects happen in the future.

“I really like to see the DIY community doing something like this and making this happen in a community that I think people have a lot of respect for, that they know is doing something,” Sarah told the Radio Times.

“It is a community where they have all of the support and they are working on their own houses, they are not building stuff for the big house or the big project.

You can’t just build something from the top down and expect people to buy into it.”

Sarah is currently working with local designers to make her dream house come to life, and has already been approached by the builders of the house she is building.