How to make your own concrete skyscraper

The idea of building a concrete skyscrapers is an old one, dating back to the early 20th century.

But concrete is a very new building material, and it’s also not always easy to work out the right design.

So we asked architect and building materials designer Dan Hickey, who has designed a range of skyscrapes over the years, to show us how you can do your own in the process.

We’ve got a couple of tips for you, and they’ll help you create the most elegant concrete buildings you can.


Buy a slab of concrete 2.

Make sure the slab is solid 3.

Drill a hole in the top 4.

Add some screws 5.

Get some cement or mortar 6.

Add the concrete slab to your site 7.

Install the base of your building 8.

Add a stairwell to the tower 9.

Finish the job 10.

And then, finally, you can build it.

Hickey has designed some of the most impressive concrete skyscrills ever built.

Here are some of his tips.


Buy the right slab.

There are a couple different ways to choose a slab, but the most common is to go with solid concrete, which is what Hickey recommends.

The idea is to buy a slab with a rough surface, and use it to form the base and base of the tower.

The base is then placed on top of the slab.


Drill holes in the base.

There is no substitute for a good drill bit, but if you want the most bang for your buck, you should buy a drill bit with a bit size that’s too small to make a hole, Hickey says.


Build the base in place.

Once you have a base, you need to put it in place, using screws or bolts to hold it together.

Hilariously, you’ll find it’s easier to put concrete in place using a cement mortar than cement.


Adding the concrete.

It’s worth noting that Hickey doesn’t recommend building your concrete tower in the middle of the building, because that will put a lot of stress on the slab, and that could break it.

Instead, add the base to the base, then add the concrete to the concrete base.


Finish with screws.

If you plan on using screws to add the cement base to your tower, Hilarious’s Dan Hett says you should probably choose a steel screw that’s about the right size for your base.

But don’t buy a screw that is too large.

“If you use too big a screw, you may break the base,” Hickey explains.


Add an elevator shaft.

Add in a stairway to the top of your tower.

Add that elevator shaft to your concrete base and you’re ready to go.

Hett recommends using a vertical elevator shaft as this will make adding a base much easier.


Finish off the job with a sprinkler system.

Adding sprinklers to the bottom of your structure will add some nice natural light to your project, Hett suggests.


Use your own mortar.

The best way to finish a concrete tower is with your own cement mortar, which you can buy at a hardware store or a local home improvement store.

Hickeys recommends using your own mix, which will make the mortar stronger and make the concrete more flexible.


Use a screwdriver.

Once the base is done, you will need to drill holes in it, so Hickey suggests using a drill with a drill bits size that fits in the holes you drilled in the concrete, but is too small for a drill to drill through.


Install a stair.

The staircase is one of the best additions to a concrete base, because it adds a visual element to the project, he says.

Hiler recommends a stair as it will help the building look more “finished”, but there are a number of different ways you can install a staircase.


Finish your project.

You can finish your project by installing the base again and then adding the staircase, or you can finish it by building a new tower and adding it to the existing one.

Huttons recommendation is to finish it with a cement base, which adds a bit of natural light.


Finally, you could add a roof.

Hittons advice is to use a cement roof as it adds the most natural light, which can make the whole thing look a bit more “stacked”.

You can see a video of Hickey’s project, which includes a tower, below.

Find out more about the Hickey family’s new tower, by clicking here.