How to prepare for a disaster

The Hill article The White House said Thursday that President Donald Trump has asked officials to help the federal government prepare for the “historic” natural disaster in Florida that threatens millions of people and infrastructure.

Trump is expected to announce that the federal disaster declaration for the storm-ravaged Florida region is now in effect.

The president is expected Thursday to formally announce the declaration that will also give the states of Florida, North Carolina and Georgia the power to aid the federal response, a White House official said.

The president’s request came after weeks of deliberations over whether to declare the region a disaster and to allow the federal agencies that serve Florida to do so.

The move comes after several governors, mayors and local officials in Florida and across the country have called on the federal Government to act as quickly as possible to help Florida recover.

At least five states are in the path of the storm and others are in danger of being without power by Thursday night, a senior official familiar with the decision told The Hill.

Florida Gov.

Rick Scott (R) said the state was ready to go if needed.

“If you don’t want to go, you don’st have to go,” he said.

“You have the ability to do everything you need to do to help.”

In North Carolina, Gov.

Pat McCrory (R), who has called for a federal declaration, said the president should call him and make his request.

“He should be there and tell him we are ready to help.

I’m willing to go there and do anything that he wants,” he told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

The White House did not say when the declaration was requested.

The declaration, which is not yet official, is meant to give the federal and state governments time to prepare to handle the storm, which has already killed more than 5,000 people and destroyed tens of thousands of homes and businesses.

In Florida, about one-third of the state’s electricity is out and nearly 30 percent of homes are without power.

More than 3 million people have been ordered to leave their homes.


Scott also said that Florida will not go without power for a day if the storm passes, according to a tweet.


Scott is calling for a Federal declaration and FEMA assistance for the entire Florida Region.

He is also asking for the states to declare as well as the federal governments to help,” the White House added.

President Donald Trump said in a tweet Thursday that Florida’s declaration is now complete and states can start evacuating.

“Florida is already home to a great many wonderful people.

As Gov.

Governor, I will not stop fighting to help our people.

We are working with the federal Emergency Management Agency and state agencies to help evacuate.

#FLGov #FloridaForecast,” he tweeted.

Florida Govs.

Rick Walker and Rick Scott and mayors in the Florida region have been meeting with federal officials to coordinate their efforts.

Hurricane Irma was one of the worst natural disasters to hit the U.S. since Superstorm Sandy, according the National Hurricane Center.

It was also the most intense hurricane on record in the Atlantic Ocean, the center said.