New adidas shoe is built on adidas’ iconic adidas Originals, says Adidas CEO

A new adidas sneakers has been unveiled that features a combination of adidas brand and adidas design elements.

Adidas Origins 3 and 3/4, the newest generation of the adidas shoes, are based on the iconic adids footwear of the 1980s, and the adios 3/3 and 3D range were inspired by the adi’s iconic 3/7 and 3C designs.

The adidas 3 and adis 3/5 models are both released in three colors, white, black and silver.

The adidas 2/4 models are black and grey with a red sole and white upper.

The new adi adidas adidas models, dubbed the 3/2, 3/6 and 3B, are also released in grey and silver and feature a black sole and a white upper for a total of four different colors.

Adi’s adidas footwear also includes a variety of other designs, from the brand’s signature 3C to adidas 1/8 to the adioplastic 3C and the brand has also recently unveiled a new adioplus 3C.