Solar energy from sunroc building material makes solar cell stronger

Solar energy is becoming the new energy source of the future.

A new solar cell developed by researchers in China is stronger than its predecessor, and its new material makes it stronger than any other solar cell, the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported.

The new material, called sunroc, has a “superior mechanical strength,” Xinhua said.

The Chinese researchers said the material can be produced from a single piece of polyethylene, which is widely used in buildings and other structures.

The materials scientists developed for the new material were made from a type of cellulose fiber called polyethylenimine, or PETN.

PETN is widely available in the world, but is also very costly.

The researchers said that the new solar cells can withstand the pressure and temperatures needed to melt the material.

The material is also “superb at absorbing solar radiation,” Xinhan Xinhua added.

The solar cell is one of several new solar energy sources that the Chinese scientists developed.

The other new solar materials are sodium carbonate and silicon carbide, which have become more common in the last few years.

They are used in solar cell arrays, and the Chinese researchers say they can make solar cells from either material.

In this example, the researchers made a solar cell using the silicon carbides, and then made the battery.

The battery was made of nickel, titanium and zinc alloy, and was used to charge the solar cells.