When will Queensland’s mining boom finally end?

The boom in the mining industry has been fuelled by the arrival of cheap natural gas.

Photo: Getty Images The first of many big announcements was the announcement last week that the Queensland Government would begin the process of auctioning off some of the nation’s most valuable land.

It will be a historic moment in the state’s history.

“This is going to be one of the biggest, most historic mining events in Queensland’s history,” Mr Brown said at the time.

The announcement has generated headlines around the world and is expected to generate $1 billion in economic activity.

While the news was heralded as a huge victory for the state, it has also brought some uncertainty to a mining sector that has been beset by falling production and a steady decline in coal prices.

Mr Brown said the Government would now be working with the industry to find a new way forward.

A report released by the National Association of Mining Companies has said there was a need to accelerate the rate at which land could be sold to create jobs.

Its president, Geoff Robinson, said the sale of large tracts of land would be an opportunity for mining companies to diversify into other sectors, including agriculture and forestry.

However, it is not the only industry to be in talks with the Government about the sale.

One industry which has been in discussions with the Queensland government is the dairy industry, which is looking to sell its land for up to $500 million.

Despite the prospect of billions of dollars of economic activity, Queenslanders remain wary of the future of the mining boom.

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