Which is better for your home?

The BBC Sport website will be updated on Friday with an article on which of the most popular buildings is better.

We’ll also be bringing you live blog updates from the Houses of Parliament on the latest construction in London and elsewhere.

We’ll also have an analysis of the construction and construction materials that have gone into the new Houses of Westminster.

In addition, we’ll be giving readers the opportunity to submit their own construction ideas to be featured on BBC Radio 5 Live’s House of Commons programme, starting this Friday.

And finally, we will also be sharing the most important construction news from the UK and world from the new House of Westminster building.

We will also have exclusive content on the UK’s bid to become a world leader in building sustainable cities, which is due to start next year.

The BBC’s house of parliament website is live from the BBC’s studios in London, and will be available in English, French, Spanish and German.