Why do we need to build this: building materials

A new book argues the world needs to start building again, in a bid to protect our homes, pets and crops from the spread of global warming.

“We are facing the greatest environmental crisis in the history of the planet,” author and economist Stephen Curry said.

“We cannot live in the same world that we lived in before we went extinct.”

The problem is not only about carbon dioxide, but about the loss of life.

It’s not about how much more carbon we use, it’s about how we use it.

“The book is called, Building: The Road to Renewal.

It looks at how the world’s built has evolved over the last half-century, with some of the biggest changes occurring in the last decade.”

This book looks at the evolution of the building materials we are using in our homes and how they are being affected by climate change,” said Curry.”

It explores what can be done to create a more sustainable future.

“The new book explores the potential impact of building on climate change.”

People have to start thinking of the environment as an asset, not a burden,” said Professor Ian MacKay of the University of Auckland.”

If we’re going to build new homes and buildings, it needs to be sustainable and the carbon footprint has to be low enough to keep the planet clean.”‘

Climate change is happening now’Curry says we have to be ready to change if the world is to avoid a future of climate disaster.”

There’s no question that the climate change is real, it is happening,” he said.

He said building materials were the biggest threat.”

That means that we have a big opportunity now to build resilient buildings, and to change the way we do it.

“How are we going to get around climate change?

How are we able to keep it to a minimum?”

The book looks to the impact of climate change on human health, the economy and agriculture.

“By 2020, there’s a clear and compelling case that we need more carbon reduction,” said Dr Jennifer Rogers of the World Health Organization.

“Climate change impacts will have a profound impact on our health, on our economy, on the food supply, on how we make our health care systems work, on health in general.”

“The world is moving away from a carbon-neutral economy to a carbon intensive one.”

Curry said the book would help to change minds and policy around building materials.

“Buildings have been designed for centuries, and we’ve only just begun to understand the role of climate in shaping their use,” he explained.

“And building materials have been the building blocks for so many other innovations that have transformed our lives and our societies.”

“Building materials have also been a huge part of our economy and the way in which we build, and the ways in which cities are built.”

Read moreThe book will be published by Cambridge University Press, which specializes in science, technology and the arts.